Puppy Checklist

Things to have on hand for when your new family member arrives

High quality pet food
Dog toothbrush
Dog tooth paste
All natural organic pet treats
Dog toys
Dog chews (NO RAWHIDE)
Puppy Training pads
Water bowl
Food bowl
Dog bed
Nail trimmers
Dog towels
All natural biodegradable PET shampoo
     (DO NOT use human shampoo of any kind on your pet, very toxic)
     (DO NOT use dawn dish soap, it strips all the essential oils from pets skin and hair)
Doggy gate

Things to check for around the home that could pose a Danger to your puppy/dog

Change on the floor your puppy may ingest
Electrical cords
Batteries where your puppy can reach
Open cabinets
Ink pens within reach
Important papers
Remote controls
Sharp objects
Basically anything that is within reach of your new puppy that is not designated specifically for him/her.

Not only keep harmful things out of reach from you new puppy, but keep things picked up that will get the puppy in trouble if he/she chews up, such as; the remote for the TV, important papers etc.

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